Muslimah Course Concluded at IIUM

An Islamic course dubbed RISEAP International Muslimah Course which was began on 17 March 2014 ended on 11 April 2014, with a simple closing ceremony held at Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

A simple but very exciting moment especially for all participants, the event started with the qur’an recitation by Sis Sokry Sles from Cambodia and commentary by Sis Sanduni Siripala from Sri Lanka. Prior to this, a special traditional ceremony known in Malaysia as khatam Qur’an was held when all participants took part in reading a short surah with the guidance of Sis Fatimah, a RISEAP volunteer. This event is simply to show that everybody is able to read the Holy Book at least for a short surah and also to encourage them to do so throughout their life. Some of them were new converts.

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RISEAP SG Meets Participants at IIUM

RISEAP Secretary General, Hj Mohamad Marzuki Mohamad Omar took his time to meet up with participants of International Islamic Course which is held at Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) on 8 April 2014.

During a brief meeting, he praised all participants for their seriousness and diligence in acquiring Islamic knowledge.  He said that RISEAP is concerned about education especially for the younger Muslim generation within RISEAP member countries.

He also briefed the participants on how RISEAP came into existence, its objective and current activity, he also hailed them for taking time to attend this one-month course. Some of them had to leave their children for the sake of seeking Islamic education. He stressed that RISEAP will continue to conduct this similar course from time to time. Continue reading

The group  riding two van embark at around 9:00 a.m, reaching Melaka borders only after 3 hours drive. Our first stop, the Batik House, home of Nur Arfa Batek

RISEAP Course Weekend Outing

Kuala Lumpur, 28th March 2014, Friday. Amidst a hazy morning in Islamic University Malaysia, participants of the Level 1 International Muslimah Course has been through a fortnight of training and now prepare for a much leisure session this weekend in Melaka. The final destination would be the Home Stay Cottage in Chabau. Participants will be staying for two nights and return back to UIA in time for their next course session.

RISEAP Muslimah Course Begins at IIUM

RISEAP launched a new series of its Muslimah course on 18 March 2014 at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) with a total of 13 participants from seven RISEAP member countries in this region participating in a 4-week course.
The course is aimed to provide Islamic knowledge to participants who have a limited knowledge and   understandings about Islam. Some of them are new converts. The participants came from Muslim minority countries like Cambodia, Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Thailand.
The course is also to motivate them to pay more attention on education particularly on Islamic teachings and to expose themselves with new environment with Islamic ambience in IIUM campus. Besides, they  will learn how to live together with new Muslimah coming from different ethnic and social background.
The course, dubbed Muslimah Course Level 1, will last until 11 April 2014. Several interesting subjects are discussed and taught among others- the pillars of Islam, Tauhid, women’s attire, prayers, halal and haram, the importance of education, hadith and qur’an, janazah management, physical purification and animal slaughtering.  The subjects are mainly on issues pertaining women, their duties and responsibilities to family and community.
RISEAP is in view that women should be given equal opportunity as men in education. It is the right for women to acquire knowledge and improve their skills for their future. The course is therefore to instill  a sense of awareness and the importance of education to the participants.
Interestingly, the participants are required to attend a special Qur’an reading class by using a new technique known as Al-Jabari method.  The class is organized by Institute of Quranic Studies.
Besides class lectures, the participants visited several places of interests in Kuala Lumpur city and Putrajaya including mosques as a part of study-tour.
The participants are 1)Sis Iwamoto Yuki (Japan), 2) Sis Khin Thandar Saw (Myanmar), 3) Sis Hnin Nu Aung (Myanmar), 4)Sis Sanduni @ Hafsah Siripala (Sri Lanka), 5) Sis Shaini David (Sri Lanka), 6) Sis Hara Sity (Vietnam), 7) Sis Prairin @ Amina Nakrua (Thailand), 8) Sis Khairia Augas Malusay (Philippines), 9)Sis Norhamidah (Sarawak), 10) Sis Jubiah Abdullah (Sabah), 11) Sis Ya Ru Chen @ Zahara (Taiwan), 12) Sis Sokry Sles (Cambodia), 13) Sis Kop Rafimas (Cambodia).

Rangsit University’s Scholars Visit RISEAP

A group of Rangsit University scholars and students led by Dr Piyasuda  Mawai, Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Deputy Dean, Ms Sukanlaya Wongchumboon made a brief visit to RISEAP on 25 February 2014.

The visit was to extend relationship and to learn more about RISEAP as an active Islamic organization in the region and also to search out if there is any possibility for both sides to cooperate with each other in the future.

Dr Piyasuda expressed her dedication and great interest in education and training for the youth in this region, the area where RISEAP has been playing a significant role in da’wah activity. She was impressed by RISEAP current activities covering such a wide area in South East Asia and the Pacific region.

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Taib sworn is as Sarawak's seventh TYT

Heartiest Congratulations To RISEAP’s President

KUCHING: Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, who stepped down as Chief Minister of Sarawak after almost 33 years in office on the 28th of February 2014, was sworn in as the new Yang Dipertua Negeri of Sarawak on the 1st March 2014.

Your efforts and sincere dedication has made this another historical milestone. RISEAP would like to give our heartiest congratulations on the appointment as the 7th Governor of Sarawak.

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Taib sworn is as Sarawak's seventh TYT

Taib sworn is as Sarawak’s seventh TYT

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RISEAP Women Forum Held in KL

RISEAP organized its annual Women Forum from 16 – 20 December 2013 at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur with a total of 34 participants from RISEAP member organizations attended the gathering.

The 5-day forum with the theme “ Empowering Muslimah” was aimed to educate and train the women to understand their roles and responsibilities not only for their family but also community and the country as a whole. It is a platform for women to discuss their current problems and how to solve them effectively especially in areas of education, communication skills, child care and family development. The forum stressed the importance of women who play a key role in family development especially the education and health of children.

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