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RISEAP, IIUM Mosque to Promote Da’wah Activity

RISEAP and Sultan Hj Ahmad Shah Mosque officials held a meeting to discuss future cooperation and enhance ties between the two Islamic bodies particularly in areas of education and da’wah activities, on 16 February 2012, at Office of the Sultan Hj Ahmad Shah Mosque, International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM).

The meeting which was chaired by Dr Habeeb Rahman Ibramsa, Director of IIUM mosque, discussed several issues pertaining da’wah activities and Muslim minority in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Region of which RISEAP has a total of 54 member organizations in 22 countries in the region.  Dr Habeeb was also briefed about the roles and activities of RISEAP in providing Islamic education to Muslim community in this region.

RISEAP staff informed Dr Habeeb that RISEAP and IIUM has close cooperation since 1999 based on common interest particularly in the field of da’wah and education for Muslim minority in this region. RISEAP has been conducting Islamic course twice a year with a total of 10-15 participants from various countries in the region. The course is held at IIUM mosque as it is the most convenient venue for both participants and lecturers who are mostly from IIUM to hold classes. Besides, IIUM provides the best Islamic ambience and facilities to our participants.

It is interesting to note here that several participants have shown their interest to continue their studies at IIUM soon after they completed the course.  Among them were three participants from Japan, Solomon Islands, Korea,  Cambodia, three from Sri Lanka, two Philippines and three from Vietnam.

Dr Habeeb was also briefed about the background of RISEAP and IIUM cooperation in conducting Islamic course. The first Islamic course was held at IIUM since 1999, with cooperation of IIUM and Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). The individuals who directly involved and gave full support to the programme among others were late Dato’ Mohamad Taha Ariffin, RISEAP Secretary General, Prof Tan Sri Dr Mohamad Kamal Hassan, Prof Datuk Dr Hj Jamil Osman, Dr Mohd Daud Bakar, Dr Mohd Akram Laldin, Datuk Hamidon Abdul Hamid, Dr Mohamad Fauzan, Dr Mohammad Ismail Mohd Yunus, Br Abu Bakar Sidek and Ust Ismail Chong. Many of them had spent their times to give lectures to the participants on various subjects.

Dr Habeeb who is newly appointed to the post was happy to learn that RISEAP and IIUM have long history of cooperation in da’wah work and praised RISEAP for its dedication.

Also present at the meeting were two of his deputies namely Dr Haslina Ibrahim and Dr Kabuye Uthman Sulaiman. While RISEAP was represented by Maj (Rtd) Yusof Abdullah, Ust Nik Syahriman Nik Mat and Aree Mamat, Ust Kamal Koh was attended on behalf of Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (MACMA). Dr Habeeb thanked RISEAP staff for attending the meeting and stressed that IIUM mosque will continue to support RISEAP activities in the future. Earlier, RISEAP staff hold a meeting with Madam Sakinah Jusoh, Assist Director of Student Affairs and Development Division, IIUM, to discuss the accommodation for RISEAP participants and informed her about the next course which will be held soon.


RISEAP Sec Gen Meets Malaysian Ambassador in Bangkok

RISEAP’s Secretary General, Hj Mohamad Marzuki Mohamad Omar, made a courtesy call to the Malaysian ambassador to Thailand, HE Dato’NazirahHussain, at Malaysian embassy on South Sathorn Road, Bangkok, Thailand.

MARCH 1 2012 – RISEAP’s Secretary General, Hj Mohamad Marzuki Mohamad Omar, made a courtesy call to the Malaysian ambassador of Thailand, HE Dato’NazirahHussain, at Malaysian embassy on South Sathorn Road, Bangkok, Thailand.

During the brief visit, Hj Mohd Marzuki, registered RISEAP’s heartiest congratulations to HE Dato’ Nazirah for her new appointment as Malaysian ambassador to Thailand after she had a few years stint in Colombo, Sri Lanka. RISEAP’s EXCO has the privilege to convene its meeting in Colombo during her tenure in the country some years ago.

Over the years, participants from Thailand both have been invited by RISEAP to attend Islamic courses in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The underlying objectives of the courses were to inculcate Islamic values among the participants, enhance their understanding of grass-root leadership and expose them to the various cultures and ethnicities that prevail in the region.   RISEAP believes that Muslims who are “mukmin” would become good citizens of their respective countries and would observe the laws and orders of the countries where they reside while stay subservient to the principles and teachings of Islam.

HE Dato’ Nazirah appreciated RISEAP’s active role in providing Islamic education to Muslim youths in this part of the world including Thailand. She hopes that close cooperation between RISEAP with its member organizations in Thailand in conducting da’wah programs will help Thai Muslims to understand Islam better and thus become better Muslims of Thailand.

Of course, RISEAP acknowledges the contributions of other Islamic organizations that provide similar roles and obligations.  HE Dato’ Nazirah added that many Muslims students in Thailand are in need of financial assistance in order to pursue their education up to university level.  Thus, it would be of great help if RISEAP could look into this matter.

Currently, RISEAP has three Islamic member organizations in Thailand namely Young Muslim Association of Thailand (YMAT), Yamiyatul Islam and Thai Muslim Student Association (TMSA), all of which are having a good rapport  with the Malaysia embassy in Bangkok.  They played a significant role in helping the flood victims which hit the central part of Thailand especially Bangkok recently.

Hj Mohd Marzuki made the official visit to Bangkok from 27 February 2012 to 2 March 2012 to meet with RISEAP member organizations and other Islamic organizations in Bangkok to discuss various issues pertaining da’wah activities and its challenges. He was accompanied by Br MohamadShafiqOng Abdullah, RISEAP Executive Secretary and AreeMamat, Editor.

RISEAP Delegates Invited for Dr Surin Talk

During a one- week official visit to Bangkok, Thailand, the RISEAP delegation led by Secretary General, Hj Mohd Marzuki Mohd Omar, were invited by Kasembundit University officials to attend a talk on the Visions and Opportunities of Thai Education Towards the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), by ASEAN Secretary General, Dr Surin Pitsuwan, on 28 February 2012, at Kasembundit University in Bangkok,.

Among the 400 people invited to attend the talk were students and members of the academic society in Bangkok.

The talk focused on various issues particularly on the new system of education and human development in Thailand. The new system of education is important in order to cope with the rapid changes among ASEAN member countries.  Dr Surin stressed on the quality of education and the all rounded preparation of human capital to enable students to meet with new challenges within the ASEAN community.

He added that the system and philosophy of education should be reformed to meet with market demands. Also,  it is imperative that students are able to acquire knowledge to the best of their ability. Additionally, they must be well-versed in the field of modern science and technology.  The new education system should be based on skill development to cope with the surge in the demand of skilled employees as the ASEAN progresses into the AEC. The traditional approach to education would no longer be effective in educating the current generation and in nurturing a culture of critical thinking amongst students.

Dr Surin also suggested that the education system in ASEAN member countries, particularly Thailand should be liberal and adaptive. Students must be creative and be analytical in their thinking.  A system of education that puts importance to memorizing facts and figures has become archaic and no more relevant.

He also touched on the importance of the use of English language among Thai students as ASEAN member countries agreed to use the language for the community. The changes included the socio-cultural system within ASEAN countries. Thus cultural differences in any society should not be viewed as the cause of conflict and violence but instead the strength and useful tools for development in the future. He cited the Malay language as an example, where a total of 600 million ASEAN population, half of them speak the Malay language.

Dr Surin Pitsuwan, a Muslim, earned a PhD from Harvard University, was appointed ASEAN Secretary General for 5-year term. His tenure will be completed this year.

RISEAP Holds Meeting with TMSA, Yamiatul Islam in Bangkok

During his 5-day visit to Bangkok, Thailand recently, RISEAP Secretary General, Hj Mohd Marzuki Mohd Omar took the time to hold a meeting with representatives RISEAP member organizations in Thailand namely Thai Muslim Student Association (TMSA) and Yamiatul Islam, at the Islamic Centre, Bangkok, on 29 February 2012.

The meeting, held at the Islamic Centre, Bangkok, was chaired by Prof Dr Pakorn Priyakorn, President of the Centre and also Dean of Islamic Studies, Kasembundit University. There were about 20 people attended the meeting including former RISEAP Exco member, Br Sorawoot Jalaluddin Sriwannayos and Hj Mustapha Yupensuk, ex-President of Yamiatul Islam. Several issues were discussed at the meeting especially the enhancement of cooperation and exchanging of information between RISEAP member organizations. It also discussed matters related problems faced by Muslims in Thailand and challenges facing da’wah organizations.

Dr Pakorn, as President of Islamic centre, welcomed Hj Mohd Marzuki Omar, RISEAP Secretary General and his staff for visiting the Centre and thanked also for holding the meeting at the Centre. Dr Pakorn also expressed gratitude on behalf of Thai Muslims to RISEAP Secretary General for providing financial assistance to the victims of the flood which hit Bangkok recently.

The two RISEAP member organizations briefed their respective activities to RISEAP. TMSA focused its da’wah activities to local Muslim students especially in areas of education and leadership traning. It also  organized Islamic lecture and conducted Islamic awareness prgrammes, holding a seminar on leadership, orientation programme for new students and meeting with other Muslim student clubs from various universities in Thailand which is known as Ikhwan on the Road.    owever, However in return, Hj Mohd Marzuki thanked Dr Pakorn for his welcome and gave a brief account of the current da’wah activities conducted by RISEAP particularly the Islamic and leadership training course which is held annually at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

Br Fauzi Yaena, a staff of Yamiyatul Islam, said that the association was active since the past years after it had restructured and reorganized. More younger and enthusiastic individuals were elected to the office bearers. The activities were confined to the lectures and talks on Islam. It plans to republish a magazine after it ceased for sometimes. The Yamiyatul Islam was represented by Ust Anek Abdul Bari,  Vice President and Ust Pramote Samadi, a committee member.

Meanwhile TMSA was represented by its President, Br Kriangkrai Suktavorn @ Zainul Abidin, Br Tuan Amin Daud Mareeyor, Vice President and Br Munsir Sri Adunphun, Secretary General. TMSA briefed its recent activities which focused on providing help to the flood victims during the time when Bangkok was hit by heavy flood recently. They also showed slides of how the relief activities took place in several villages around Bangkok.

RISEAP Sec Gen Visits Santichon Islamic School

RISEAP Secretary General, Hj Mohd Marzuki Mohd Omar visited a renowned Islamic school in Bangkok, Santichon Islamic School as a part of his schedule during his Bangkok’s trip, on 29 February 2012.

Upon his arrival at the school, Hj Mohd Marzuki was welcomed by Br Prasert Mussari and Br Manat Boonchom, the school’s President and Director respectively.  Br Prasert said in his welcoming speech that he was so glad to meet with RISEAP Secretary General and his staff, Br Mohd Shafiq Abdullah and Br Aree Mamat. He and members of academic staff made a visit to RISEAP few years ago during his study-tour to Kuala Lumpur. Br Prasert also briefed the background of the school and the achievement of students. As a result of his efforts with the help of Muslims in Bangkok, the school has erected new three main buildings with a total of about 2,000 students both male and female enrolled.

Hj Mohd Marzuki expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Br Prasert and his staff for a warm welcome and hospitality. He added that despite a short visit and a briefing given by Br Prasert, he was impressed by the development of the school with a large number of students and teachers. He was glad to learn that Br Prasert has played a significant role in making the school a successful Muslim institution and how Muslims in Bangkok had shown their great interest in establishing such a big school to cater a large number of student population. Hj Mohd Marzuki praised Br Prasert and his staff for their hard work and dedication to the cause of Islamic education. He also thanked Br Prasert for providing the transport with his two staff to accompany him during a 5-day stay in Bangkok.

During a brief meeting, Br Prasert stressed that Santichon School is happy to cooperate with RISEAP in areas of education and youth training. He was also interested in applying the School for RISEAP membership as to enhance the school activity and cooperation with RISEAP member countries. Br Prasert, co-founder of the school, was awarded the Outstanding Executive Award by the Board of Thailand Executives, and was named in Who’s Who in Thailand in 1997.

Santichon Islamic School, founded in 1998, is under the auspices of Santichon Muslim Foundation, plays a significant role in providing education to local Muslim students both in Islamic education as well as secular one. The school organizes Sundays Islamic class for both non-Muslims and new converts and broadcasts its own daily radio programmes. The school received financial support from Thai government, Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.