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RISEAP Women Seminar Held in KL

Attendees For the Seminar

RISEAP organized a seminar on woman and family from 19-23 December 2011 at Grand Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, with a total of 33 participants including foreign representatives from RISEAP member organizations attended the seminar.

A 3-day seminar was to allow women to discuss various issues pertaining roles of women and family in shaping a stable and blissful family as prescribed by Islam. Women play a significant role in managing the family particularly the well-being and welfare of the children. There are reasons why Muslim family failed to cope with the current challenges especially high rate of divorce and welfare and education of the children. It is reported that the rate of divorce is alarming for instance in Malaysia which is taking place in every 15 minutes. Problems of divorce, responsibilities of husband and wife and domestic violence in Muslim family should be discussed seriously in detail. Muslim women must be given a proper education and knowledge to understand and be aware of their own rights and responsibilities.  The seminar focused on these issues.

Women seminar is conducted by RISEAP every year since its inception in 1980s. It is a part of RISEAP Women’s Affairs da’wah activities.

Several speakers were invited to give talks and hold discussions on various issues about current challenges facing women and family. Among them were Ustaz Wan Sohor Bani Leman of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) who gave talk on love and family, Norazali Ahmad from Kuala Lumpur Health Department, who stressed on roles of women in providing healthy food and good health to the family.

An outspoken human rights lawyer, Fadiah Nadwa Fikri from Lawyers for Liberty, gave a lecture on women and laws and the importance of education for women. She also stressed that women should understand and be aware of their rights especially when they were abused by their husbands. She mentioned several cases about domestic violence when a wife is ignorant about the laws and their rights. They have no place to go to seek help.

The other speakers were Dato’ Assoc Prof Dr Halim Tamuri of UKM and a lawyer, Fadhlina Sidek, who explained about the importance of good communications in family and women’s role in generating family income respectively. While Prof Emeritus Dr Mohd Ismail Mohd Tambi gave talk on sex and  reproductive system which is very important for family life.

The participants are 1) Ameenah Miding (Thailand), 2) Rokiyah Yadaro (Thailand), 3) Fadilah Waemajid (Thailand), 4) Hamdiyah Etae (Thailand), 5) Abidah   Yahya (Singapore), 6) Ilyana Ilyas (Singapore), 7) Siti Nur Dalila Melatu Samsi (Malaysia), 8) Hawa Mas Azmar Ahmad (Malaysia), 9) Adijah Masah (Sabah), 10) Norhayati Chee Abdullah (sabah), 11) Maraih Ayob ( Sarawak), 12) Roslinawati Abdul Said (Sarawak), 13) Ysahak Sarifas (Cambodia), 14) Math Asiah (Cambodia), 15) Nor Azura Kamarudin Sohami (ABIM), 16) Fawzah Mohd Salleh (ABIM), 17) Ummu Salamah (Abim Outreach), 18) Nas (Abim Outreach), 19) Hjh Kalsom Adam (PERKIM), 20) Aminah Md Ghouse (PERKIM), 21) Nurlily Yap (MACMA), 22) Masytah Choon (MACMA), 23)Siti Rizita Ramli (PERTIM), 24) Wan manirah Wan Mansor (PERTIM), 25) Nur Azilah Ahmad Ibrahim (Malaysia), 26) Fazilah Megat Kashim (Malaysia), 27) Nordina Arbain (Malaysia), 28) Siti Nurul Milla (Indonesia, IIUM), 29) Azizah Amat Tamsir (Indonesia, IIUM), 30) Hamisah Bohari (HIKMAH), 31) Mordiah Hj Sat (HIKMAH), 32) Dyng Zaliha Pg Hj Sulaiman  (Brunei) and 33) Dyng Zaiton Pg Hj Sulaiman (Brunei).

All participants received Certificate of Attendance from Sis Norainidah Jayus, RISEAP Women’s Affairs Officer at a simple closing ceremony held on 22 December 2011. RISEAP would like to thank all participants, staff and volunteers for making this seminar a success.

Former PERKIM President Passes Away


Innalillah Wa’inna Ilai’hira’jioon

Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohamed Zain at the age of 90 is the former President of Muslim Welfare Organization of Malaysia (PERKIM), passed away on the 12th of January 2012, after a long illness. Born in Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz studied law at Middle Temple in London, England and became Barrister-at- Law in 1951.

As a legal expert, he was appointed as legal advisor in three states, Kelantan, Terengganu and Perak. In 1963, Abdul Aziz was appointed Attorney General and later on as a judge at High Court and Federal Court of Malaysia. He was also active in various business sectors and served as chairman of Bedford (M) Bhd, Kota Tanah Sdn Bhd and Kemunting Industires Bhd.

Abdul Aziz became personal assistance to YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj when he was appointed Secretary General of OIC in 1973. From 1968-1972, he was appointed as PERKIM President.

RISEAP was saddened by the news of his passing and would like to take this opportunity to convey our  sincere condolences and sympathies to the bereaved family. May Allah (swt) rest his departed soul in Paradise.  Al-Fatihah

Allahyarham Tan Sri Dr Abdul Hamid Othman

Condolence Message for PERKIM’s Secretary General

Allahyarham Tan Sri Dr Abdul Hamid Othman

Hon Secretary General of Islamic Welfare Organization of Malaysia (PERKIM), Tan Sri Dr Abdul Hamid Othman passed away in the evening of 23 December 2011 at the age of 72, believed to be caused by stroke.

Prior to his appointment as PERKIM Secretary General in 2006, Dr Abdul Hamid Othman was appointed Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in 1990 and was Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department  from 1995 to 1999.

In 2001, he was appointed as religious advisor to the then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and again as religious advisor to Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi from 2005 to 2009.  Dr Abdul Hamid was among the first batch of students to receive the Malaysian government scholarship to pursue Islamic studies at the Al-Azhar University, Egypt in 1961. He later obtained his PhD from St Andrew’s University, Scotland.

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Graduation Day for Children Class

Children Course Graduation Day

A 2-week special class for children came to an end on 16 December 2011, with a total of 20 children received certificate of attendance at the closing ceremony held at PERKIM Building.

In a simple ceremony, the children celebrated a Happy Birthday party to Putri Azzahara Binti Khairul Anuar, one of the pupils who turned 6 year old, the celebration was full of joys with singing and cheering while having nice cake, sweets and food.

After the birthday party, then came the session of certificate presentation. Every child who attended the class received a certificate which was presented by Sis Norainidah Jayus, RISEAP Women’s Officer.

As stated earlier, the class is designed to provide basic Islamic knowledge (fardu ain) to children and at the same time to encourage them to learn English, the language which is widely spoken in the country. It is also to provide an environment where the children could get together for education purposes. The children seemed to enjoy the programme and requested that RISEAP to organize the class again during the year-end school vacation next year.

The children who attended this special class are (1) Muhamad Aiman Hakimi Abdullah, 8, (2) Muhammad Faiz Hasnain Bin Lokman, 6, (3) Muhammad Amirul Hakim Bin Mohd Hafiz, 9, (4) Nur Farihah Dania Bte Lokman, 9, (5) Nik Siti Aishah Al Humaira, 8, (6) Nik Muhammad Al Fatih, 7, (7) Nurul Aleya Hanim Bte Mohd Hafiz, 7, (8) Nur Zafirah Binti Nor Azman, 8, (9) Muhammad Ukasyah B Amran, 8, (10) Siti Nur Shafiqah Elyanna Bt Azmi, 7, (11) Zeti Zulaikha Binti Zamzuri, 7, (12) Al Zharfan Hakimi B Al Mazalah, 8, (13) Nurul Ain Bt Amir 12, (14) Iskandar Zulkarnain B. Zulkefli, 7, (15) Nur Zulaika Bt Zulkefli, 12, (16) Muhammad Zulaiman B. Zulkefli, 9, (17) Mohamad Shafiq Bin Mohamad Hata, 11, (18) Putri Aisyah Binti Khairul Anuar, 10, (19) Putri Afrina Binti Khairul Anuar,  8, and (20) Putri Azzahara Binti Khairul Anuar, 6,

RISEAP would like to thank both teachers, Ust Nik Syahriman Nik Mat of RISEAP and a volunteer Norhayati Shahruddin for their commitment and to all parents who are concerned about the education of their loved ones and gave full support to RISEAP for organizing this class. May Allah (swt) bless you all.


RISEAP Holds Classes for Children

The children attending classes

RISEAP Conducted special Islamic and English classes for children during the year-end school vacation with the aim to encourage and motivate primary school children to enjoy the classes especially these two subjects, about 20 children age between 7-12 years old participated in the programme.

The 2-week programme began on 5 December 2011 at PERKIM Building, with two sessions, morning and afternoon. Morning class started from 10.00-12.00 and again from 14.00-16.00 for the afternoon period. The class was conducted by Ust Nik Syahriman Nik Mat, a RISEAP staff, for Islamic class and a volunteer, Sis Norhayati Shaharuddin, for English subject. The class was supervised by Sis Norainidah Jayus, a RISEAP Women Affairs Officer.

The class, held daily except Saturday and Sunday, was sponsored by RISEAP, besides children were provided free lunch and drinks during the recess.  Most of the pupils were children of RISEAP and PERKIM staff who normally stayed home during the long school break. The year-end school vacation in Malaysia started from the third week of November until the end of the year.

The programme was to provide an opportunity to children to develop self-confidence and positive thinking and also to give a chance to the kids to develop and express their potential. It is also to allow the children to learn how to interact and cooperate with each other and be brave to express their needs. In short, this initiative is to eradicate the so-called “culture of fear” among the children. As Dr John Grey says, “ Our role is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to give that child a chance to develop and express his or her potential.” And often parents mistakenly assume that they know what is best for their children.

This is a pioneer project initiated by RISEAP as a part of its da’wah activities for children. RISEAP would like to thank the parents who gave full support for the class and for teachers for taking their time to spend with the children, God bless you.