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IAIS Organizes Forum on Muslims in Myanmar

International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) organized a special public forum on Islam in Myanmar with the theme, the Future of Islam in Myanmar in the 21st Century: Opportunity and Challenges, on 29 April 2012 at IAIS in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The one day forum was officially declared open by Former Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is the patron of IAIS, followed by the welcoming address by Emeritus Professor Datuk Dr Osman Bakar, chairman of the programme and Deputy CEO of IAIS. While welcoming remarks was given by Dr Nay Aung Kyaw @Mohammed Ali Hassan, Vice President of Myanmar Muslim Intellectual Forum (MMIF). Prof Dr Mohammad Hashim Kamali, Founding Chairman and CEO of IAIS gave his opening speech to the audience.

Various topics were discussed by several prominent scholars during the seminar especially on the democratization in Myanmar, opportunities and challenges for its Muslim communities. The first session concentrated on two topics, Education of Muslims in Myanmar in the Age of Globalization which were presented by Dr Maung Maung @ Hj Mohammed Hussein from Myanmar and Economic, Social and Welfare Position of Myanmar Muslims: Opportunities and Challenges by Mr Khwaja Nizamuddin 2 Maung Min Nine from Myanmar. While the second session focused on the future of Muslim youths by Maulana Akbar Shah @ U Tun Aung from IIUM. Ambassador Dato’ Mat Amir Jaafar, Senior Research Fellow at Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya also took part in the discussion. The discussion ended with the concluding remarks by Emeritus Prof Datuk Dr Osman Bakar on the future of Myanmar Muslims in the ASEAN community.

The seminar was jointly organized by IAIS, Myanmar Muslim Intellectual Forum (MMIF), International of Islamic Thought, RISEAP and Institute for the Study of the Ummah and Global Understanding (ISUGU).

IAIS is a Kuala Lumpur based non-profit independent research institute founded in 2008 with the aim to promote academic research on Islam and contemporary issues of concern to Malaysia and Muslim world.  Besides conducting forum and discussion on issues relating to Islam from time to time, IAIS also publishes academic journal and bulletin.  For further details, please visit IAIS at:

RISEAP Training in Vietnam

Intensive Islamic Course Vietnam 2012

RISEAP organized an intensive Islamic course for 47 Muslims in Ninh Thuan Province, about 350 km north of Ho Chi Minh City, with the aim to improve Islamic knowledge and education among local Muslim leaders particularly in subjects relating to aqidah, qur’an reading and tafsir, the course was also to encourage the local Imam to become potential teachers and da’wah workers in their community.

A total of 47 Muslims, 30 male and 17 female, from four mosques and three surau in Ninh Thuan Province took part in a one-week training programme. The training started from 25 to 31 March 2012, at Masjid Nia’Mah, about 10 km from Ninh Thuan city. The class was conducted by RISEAP da’wah and Education Officer, Ustaz Nik Syahriman Nik Mat with two assistance, Ustaz Salleh Musa and his wife, Ustazah Asmak Ismail, RISEAP volunteers in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia. Both of them were able to give lecture in Cham language, which is spoken by most of the participants.

Core subjects taught during a one-week training were daily prayers, basic pillars of Islam and Iman, tauhid, aqidah, Qur’an recitation, hadith. Special class for janazah preparation and Friday Khutbah were also held. Muslims in the areas are keen to learn Islam, and many of them have lost contact with outside Muslims since the end of the war in mid 1970.

The four which took part in the training were Masjid Muslimin, (Van Lam), Masjid Muslimine (Phuoc Nhon), Masjid Noor (An Nhon) and Masjid Ehsan (Hoa Trinh).

The participants are Mohamad Du Soh, Mohamad Mukhtar, Ah Mad Haji, Mohamad Amin, Mohamad Ahmad, Abdul Halim, Abdul Qoydum, Lut Man, Kas Mury Soleh, Mohamad Noordeen, Sani Bin Saed, Mohamad Ho Sanh, Abdulloh, Sulayman, Abdulrohman, Abdulrozak, Mahamad Zuber, Muhktar, Abdulcorib, Husen, Osman, Haji, Asnavi, Inrohim, Yacob, Muhamad Ahmad, Ismael, Abdul Karim, Muhamad Hasan, Abdul Bary and Muhamad Hosen.

RISEAP would like to thank all participants who took part in the training programme, Islamic Community of Ninh Thuan Province and Imam Abdul Khalil of Masjid Nia’Mah at Van Lam, Phuoc Nam-Ninh Phuoc, Ninh Thuan Province for their kind help and cooperation. We thank  Ust Abdul Rahman Ibrahim of Ho Chi Minh City for his help in organizing the programme.

RISEAP Islamic Course Held at IIUM

A latest series of RISEAP Islamic course started at International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) from 19 March 2012 to 15 April 2012, with a total of 16 participants from eight RISEAP member countries namely Cambodia, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand  attended this one-month course.

RISEAP has been conducting several Islamic courses since 1999 with the aim to provide and inculcate Islamic understandings and its fundamental knowledge to members of Muslim minority from RISEAP member countries in Southeast Asian and the Pacific region.

The course is to educate minority Muslims both male and female to understand some basic teachings of Islam. Some of participants are new converts while others have limited knowledge of Islam particularly when dealing with the daily prayers and reading Qur’an.  The course focuses on these particular subjects namely solat (daily prayer), Hadith, Qur’an reading with the translations. Besides, the Pillar of Islam and Iman (faith), Aqidah, the concept of worship to Allah and the importance of marriage and family life in Islam are among the main subjects taught during the course. The course is conducted in English.

RISEAP is in view that Muslims should understand and respect non-Muslims and their religious belief and practices. Mutual respects and understandings will promote peace and harmony in any society. As a da’wah worker, he/she has to learn and understand very well of the others’ religious belief and practices.

Br Ridzuan Wu, RISEAP Deputy President, suggests in his book, Explaining Islamic Beliefs Across Cultures, that “It is not enough to enroll the muballigh into an institute of Islamic learning, especially that institute does not provide adequate training on what it takes to reach out to non-Muslims”

He added that unlike the Christians, “Muslims have yet to recognize the need to provide specialized training for the muballigh who wants to work amongst non-Muslims” It is hopeful that the course will also broaden the perceptions and understandings of Islam particularly when dealing with non-Muslims in their respective community.

The course required that all participants to attend the daily class lecture from 8.30-16.30 and with extra Qur’an reading session from 17.00-18.00. Besides the above mentioned subjects, the male participants are required to practice how to conduct effective Friday khutbah at a mosque. To broaden their experience, the participants were also brought to visit some places of interest around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor like Putrajaya, Putra Mosque, and a homestay in Melaka.

The participants are 1)Sis Fathima Shazna Jenuwil (Sri Lanka),2) Br Chandra Jagath (Sri Lanka), 3)Br Myo Hein Zaw (Myanmar), 4)Sis Ohn Mar Myint (Myanmar), 5)Br. Sob Mouslemin (Cambodia), 6)Sis Math Mariny (Cambodia), 7)Br Rael G. Felix (Philippines), 8)Sis Catrina L. Malingawa (Philippines), 9)Sis Tanjaree Wongboongam (Thailand),10) Sis Dhouha Lakhal (Japan), 11)Sis Mine Tanaka (Japan), 12)Br Wang, Li-The (Taiwan), 13)Sis Chien, Ta-Li (Taiwan), 14)Br Muhammad Edul (Malaysia), 15)Sis Suzlina Tahir (Malaysia), 16) Mohd Faizal Nordin (Malaysia). Each participant will be awarded a Certificate of Participation at the Closing Ceremony.

RISEAP, IIUM Mosque to Promote Da’wah Activity

RISEAP and Sultan Hj Ahmad Shah Mosque officials held a meeting to discuss future cooperation and enhance ties between the two Islamic bodies particularly in areas of education and da’wah activities, on 16 February 2012, at Office of the Sultan Hj Ahmad Shah Mosque, International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM).

The meeting which was chaired by Dr Habeeb Rahman Ibramsa, Director of IIUM mosque, discussed several issues pertaining da’wah activities and Muslim minority in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Region of which RISEAP has a total of 54 member organizations in 22 countries in the region.  Dr Habeeb was also briefed about the roles and activities of RISEAP in providing Islamic education to Muslim community in this region.

RISEAP staff informed Dr Habeeb that RISEAP and IIUM has close cooperation since 1999 based on common interest particularly in the field of da’wah and education for Muslim minority in this region. RISEAP has been conducting Islamic course twice a year with a total of 10-15 participants from various countries in the region. The course is held at IIUM mosque as it is the most convenient venue for both participants and lecturers who are mostly from IIUM to hold classes. Besides, IIUM provides the best Islamic ambience and facilities to our participants.

It is interesting to note here that several participants have shown their interest to continue their studies at IIUM soon after they completed the course.  Among them were three participants from Japan, Solomon Islands, Korea,  Cambodia, three from Sri Lanka, two Philippines and three from Vietnam.

Dr Habeeb was also briefed about the background of RISEAP and IIUM cooperation in conducting Islamic course. The first Islamic course was held at IIUM since 1999, with cooperation of IIUM and Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). The individuals who directly involved and gave full support to the programme among others were late Dato’ Mohamad Taha Ariffin, RISEAP Secretary General, Prof Tan Sri Dr Mohamad Kamal Hassan, Prof Datuk Dr Hj Jamil Osman, Dr Mohd Daud Bakar, Dr Mohd Akram Laldin, Datuk Hamidon Abdul Hamid, Dr Mohamad Fauzan, Dr Mohammad Ismail Mohd Yunus, Br Abu Bakar Sidek and Ust Ismail Chong. Many of them had spent their times to give lectures to the participants on various subjects.

Dr Habeeb who is newly appointed to the post was happy to learn that RISEAP and IIUM have long history of cooperation in da’wah work and praised RISEAP for its dedication.

Also present at the meeting were two of his deputies namely Dr Haslina Ibrahim and Dr Kabuye Uthman Sulaiman. While RISEAP was represented by Maj (Rtd) Yusof Abdullah, Ust Nik Syahriman Nik Mat and Aree Mamat, Ust Kamal Koh was attended on behalf of Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (MACMA). Dr Habeeb thanked RISEAP staff for attending the meeting and stressed that IIUM mosque will continue to support RISEAP activities in the future. Earlier, RISEAP staff hold a meeting with Madam Sakinah Jusoh, Assist Director of Student Affairs and Development Division, IIUM, to discuss the accommodation for RISEAP participants and informed her about the next course which will be held soon.


RISEAP Sec Gen Meets Malaysian Ambassador in Bangkok

RISEAP’s Secretary General, Hj Mohamad Marzuki Mohamad Omar, made a courtesy call to the Malaysian ambassador to Thailand, HE Dato’NazirahHussain, at Malaysian embassy on South Sathorn Road, Bangkok, Thailand.

MARCH 1 2012 – RISEAP’s Secretary General, Hj Mohamad Marzuki Mohamad Omar, made a courtesy call to the Malaysian ambassador of Thailand, HE Dato’NazirahHussain, at Malaysian embassy on South Sathorn Road, Bangkok, Thailand.

During the brief visit, Hj Mohd Marzuki, registered RISEAP’s heartiest congratulations to HE Dato’ Nazirah for her new appointment as Malaysian ambassador to Thailand after she had a few years stint in Colombo, Sri Lanka. RISEAP’s EXCO has the privilege to convene its meeting in Colombo during her tenure in the country some years ago.

Over the years, participants from Thailand both have been invited by RISEAP to attend Islamic courses in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The underlying objectives of the courses were to inculcate Islamic values among the participants, enhance their understanding of grass-root leadership and expose them to the various cultures and ethnicities that prevail in the region.   RISEAP believes that Muslims who are “mukmin” would become good citizens of their respective countries and would observe the laws and orders of the countries where they reside while stay subservient to the principles and teachings of Islam.

HE Dato’ Nazirah appreciated RISEAP’s active role in providing Islamic education to Muslim youths in this part of the world including Thailand. She hopes that close cooperation between RISEAP with its member organizations in Thailand in conducting da’wah programs will help Thai Muslims to understand Islam better and thus become better Muslims of Thailand.

Of course, RISEAP acknowledges the contributions of other Islamic organizations that provide similar roles and obligations.  HE Dato’ Nazirah added that many Muslims students in Thailand are in need of financial assistance in order to pursue their education up to university level.  Thus, it would be of great help if RISEAP could look into this matter.

Currently, RISEAP has three Islamic member organizations in Thailand namely Young Muslim Association of Thailand (YMAT), Yamiyatul Islam and Thai Muslim Student Association (TMSA), all of which are having a good rapport  with the Malaysia embassy in Bangkok.  They played a significant role in helping the flood victims which hit the central part of Thailand especially Bangkok recently.

Hj Mohd Marzuki made the official visit to Bangkok from 27 February 2012 to 2 March 2012 to meet with RISEAP member organizations and other Islamic organizations in Bangkok to discuss various issues pertaining da’wah activities and its challenges. He was accompanied by Br MohamadShafiqOng Abdullah, RISEAP Executive Secretary and AreeMamat, Editor.